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 Golden Rules of Dispatching

Metromax Dispatch believes in unprecedented service around the clock; hence we have few golden rules which we follow diligently.

Rule no:1  

Focus on the Customer Demand: Identify the challenges and requirements for Trucks. Charge a higher rate.

Rule no: 2

Keep the business moving. Build your business and credibility with your clients.

Rule no: 3

Maintain relationship: Metromax Dispatch is not biased when it comes to its clients & brokers. We focus on providing a positive experience to everyone.

The perception of dispatching has always been a simple strategy – get a laptop, start training and you are good to go -to an extent it’s right, however, the ability to grow and maintain the momentum is challenging. In general, most of the dispatchers may handle up to 10 trucks- well that is not our “goal”. Our vision is to dispatch a thousand trucks and with this goal, we made it to the possible number of 150 trucks in a year, which we connect every day!

Metromax Dispatch- The Game Changer!

Scaling new heights and delivering impeccable service round the clock have always been our motto.

Cost of doing business with most of the dispatching companies, as per the industry standards, is approximately 7%- what sets us apart – we charge a nominal fee of 3%, which is 4% less than the current rate. Incredible, right? Again, we ensure that we provide the best rates without compromising on quality, which is our core competency.

Metromax dispatch provides 24/7 support and we handle your billing & invoice with so much ease that you never want to stop working with us. If you ever feel like delivering the load and not factoring it – no worries, we got you covered. Just follow the basics -Pick up the phone, login into our app, let the driver take a picture, and upload it. Our back-office team evaluates it and submits it to the factoring company, who in turn processes the payment in less than 10 minutes. All this happens while you enjoy the rest time – another reason to be a part of the best-dispatching company in North America- that’s Metromax Dispatch. Heart of Perfect Trucking!

We do not stop here- we are here to set high standards and help companies grow. Dispatch is a 24/7- 365 days job, which can be difficult for most companies to fulfil their requirements. We partner with such dispatch companies, who want to outsource their business. How do we do it? – We handle all your work, manage the clients the way you want, and generate more business – while you be the face of the company. We can help you scale faster with a nominal fee. Metromax dispatch leads the way for its clients – Let your success ride with us.


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