Advantages Of Choosing Metromax Dispatch


Working with the right truck dispatch service company can be one of the best decisions that you ever make. Here at MetroMax we believe in providing end-to-end service to our clients and we never compromise on quality – ever! 

MetroMax Dispatch is a safe and reliable freight Dispatch Service for clients who are in need to transport their cargo from one place to another. The reason why clients choose us or stay with us is because of the transparency of the service we provide. We believe in growing with our clients by helping them run a successful business. 

Why Choose MetroMax Dispatch

· Lowest Dispatch Rate (Starts From 4% Per Load)

· No Contract Required

· 24/7/365 Support & a Personal Dispatcher

· Shipper & Broker Communication

· Personal Dispatcher

· Freight Rate Negotiation Power

· Free Business Consulting · Systematic Dispatch with Efficient Technology for Communication

We take care of your shipment in the best possible way and to achieve this we have a talented staff who supports refrigerated, dry, tanker, flatbed, power only, and car hauling trucks. Our round the clock support ensures a hassle-free transaction, with minimal formalities. This is another reason why Metromax dispatch is considered as the best Dispatch service for Owner Operators. Another factor to look at is “Shipper and Broker Communication” where we handle all the phone and written communication to the shipper and broker regarding load status updates, change of plans, or any additional paperwork on behalf of the carrier. 

Now let us look at the Top 5 Benefits Of Owner-Operators Utilizing A Dispatch Service

1. Speed to Book – Our dispatchers have the knowledge and time to Book loads quickly

2. Dedicated lanes – We do our market research well and we have this covered for you

3. Communication – We care for your safety and well- being, hence our Dispatchers handles the communication with Shippers & Brokers

4. Pay for Ourselves – We analyze the Freight Market and negotiate higher load rates to cover the cost of service to carriers

Last but not least-

5. We handle all the admin work – We complete all Owner operator load set up process.

We are always a step ahead to ensure a smooth end to end delivery. Our clients are never disappointed – another reason- we have an additional discount when they opt to sign with our Dispatch Service and benefit from our partner service

We collaborate with the best service in the market, like – 

· Triumph Business Capital – For Full Dispatch Support and Factoring

· South Atlantic Insurance Services – For Trucking Insurance

· Tenstreet – For Driver Recruitment

· Nextraq – For ELD & Asset Management

We stand by our service and commitment, assuring a long-term relationship with our clients. We are the Best Truck Freight Dispatch company in North America. MetroMax – Your best move in transportation!


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