Why Choose MetroMax as Your Dispatching and Factoring Partner?

The United States of America depends on the trucking industry to move billion tons of freight every year. Transporting this freight generates total revenue of over $800 billion – which indicates that the trucking industry is immense, and there are a lot of opportunities to build a fortune around it!

Behind every successful company is a solid foundation that helped it to maintain while being built. For owner-operators, frequently running on highly paying freight is only the solution for keeping the business profitable. Running on low-paying freight during the rise in diesel price will undoubtedly impact your bottom line and can even shut down your company.

How Can MetroMax Be Your Savior?

According to the recent survey conducted by MetroMax, we found that most truckers pay their dispatch fees between 5%–10 % on every load and factoring fees between 2% –5%, which turns out to be hefty on the pockets!

We got loads from the top 400+ shippers and brokers around the entire United States. Our search team is constantly monitoring the load boards to pull out the highest-paying freight on your behalf so you can focus on the road and expand your trucking business.


Benefits of MetroMax’s Flat Rate Dispatch Fee:

1. Pay a fixed fee at the end of the week for all the loads you haul in that entire week.

2. Dedicated dispatcher.

3. Free billing and invoicing.

4. Industry experts for 5+ years.

5. 24x7x365 back-office support.

6. Save over $20,000 in a year

Benefits of MetroMax’s inhouse Freight Factoring:

1. Lowest fee in the market – 2% or lower.

2. Improve cash flow.

3. Insulate business from bad credit.

4. Haul more loads.

5. Reduce stress levels.

6. Avoid contracts.

Get your freight bills factored at 2% or lower.

Achieve a combined savings of above $20,000 a year with MetroMax’s Dispatch + Factoring services! Schedule a call with us today.

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