Top 6 Features to Look in A Trucking Software

Trucking software, also known as a fleet management system, is an excellent application that helps trucking companies organize their fleet from a central information system. It enhances fleet efficiency and streamlines the delivery cycle, two primary goals of trucking companies across the world. By using trucking software for your transport company, you can improve the accountability and visibility of your drivers, ensure seamless communication between different departments, and manage appointments, deliveries, and reservations efficiently.

Here are the top 6 features to look at in trucking software

Load planning & dispatch:

Load planning is an essential feature in trucking software that helps optimize your fleet operations. With this, you will be able to plan the most suitable trucks for the load and route combination to utilize the carriers efficiently, reducing costs and improving service levels.

Fuel management:

Fuel tracking is an essential feature for trucking companies, and fuel log software plays a vital role. With fuel tracking in your trucking software, it becomes easy to track every part of your fuel use, from purchases to expenses, so that you can easily report it to the IRS. The tracking process also helps you identify opportunities for fuel optimization.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Compliance:

One of the most common challenges trucking companies faces is IFTA compliance reporting. To avoid fines and penalties, trucking companies must meet all federal and state regulations when calculating fuel purchases, miles and filing reports. Having an IFTA compliance feature in your software eliminates these headaches by automatically calculating all the reporting requirements based on current rates, giving you peace of mind that your company is compliant with federal law.

Fleet tracking:

The truck tracking feature of industry-specific software can instantly help you gain insight into where exactly your fleet is and their location details, vehicle stats, etc., at any given point in time. One of the critical aspects of asset management that your trucking business will benefit from is the enhanced safety of the carrier, freight, and driver.

Driver management:

Manage drivers and monitor performance with the driver tracking feature. The format allows you to easily create and share reports that include various data such as efficiency level and miles driven. With this feature, there are fewer worries about who was moving your freight and to where.

Payroll management:

Automating payroll can be time-consuming and challenging. Manual processes lead to errors and leave room for human error. If you are managing your payroll manually, it can be slow and complicated. But several trucking software features will completely automate the process so you can focus on driving profits instead of paperwork.

With the advancement in technology, the trucking industry is moving on to have software for their operations with a host of integrated features. So, if you are looking for the best software for your trucking business, reach out to us and find out what exactly your business needs.


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