Why Dispatch with MetroMax During the Rise in Fuel Price?


If you own a trucking business, you’re likely in a hurry most of the time. However, as most owner-operators know, there are times when you need to pause and ensure that your business is bringing in the income it ought to be. Sorting out the best trucking Rate Per Mile is the way to ensure that your business stays beneficial. Yet, it can likewise be a complicated interaction as rates are continuously changing.

The main number with regards to working out truck rates is the number of miles between your pickup point and dropping point. Having current and exact data about trucking freight rates is fundamental to estimating trip prices and negotiating with your clients appropriately.

Knowing that general freight rate relies upon different variables. Beneath are specific points that you need to consider while ascertaining trucking rates.

· Distance between pickup and drop points.

· Weight of the shipment.

· Shipment density.

· Freight classification.

· Fuel rates.

How do fuel rates affect the bottom line?

As U.S imports 8% of oil from Russia, its attack on Ukraine has resonated all over the globe. Numerous trucking families in the U.S have considered how the rising fuel rates could hit their wallets. Costs are going up, particularly fuel averaging up to $5.18 per gallon in the entire United States, making the overall cost of trucking a costly business. In contrast, the Rate Per Mile remains the same or drops depending on the variable factors.

According to the recent survey conducted by MetroMax, the freight market rates have been dropping at a pace of 5.9% on average every week, and 21.9 % is the average rate drop for this month compared to February.

How would you tackle low RPMs with MetroMax Dispatch?

Our expert team in the trucking industry has been in business for 5+ years. We have gathered much data to understand the variations in the RPM and help trucking companies earn a fortune in the crisis. Here are the sample rate confirmations number, representing the higher RPM attained by the truck dispatched by MetroMax.

· Dry Van: $3.01 RPM

· Reefer: $3.50 RPM

· Flatbed: $3.50 RPM

Above RPM combined with our Flat Rate Dispatch fee can help to calculate your bottom line considering the MPG given by the truck you own:

Dry-Van & Reefer Loaded Dispatch Rates:

· 10+ Trucks – $125

· 5 to 9 Trucks – $175

· 1 to 4 Trucks – $225

T&C: Rates are on per truck/per week basis.

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