Flatbed Spot Rates Up, Reefer and Dry Van Plummeting

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The flatbed trucking is the primary trailer type acting as we’d typically expect for the current season.

April 4-10/2022: As outside temperatures warm throughout the colder time of year to spring change, the flatbed cargo market warms up additionally – nothing unexpected there as rates keep on climbing. The ongoing flatbed market appears the same as last year and 2018 when the modern economy was blasting. Conversely, the dry van and reefer spot markets are collapsing and have dropped more than $0.50/mile.

What is Truck to Load Ratio?

The load-to-truck ratio address the number of loads posted for each truck on Load Boards. The load-to-truck ratio is delicate and is a constant sign of the balance between spot market demand and capacity—changes in the ratio signal the changes in rates.

On-Going Trucking Industry Trend – 2022

What is Spot Rate?

A spot rate, likewise, called a spot quote, is a one-time fee that a shipper pays to move a load (or shipment) at current market value. Spot rates are the present value of the cargo reflecting the constant equilibrium of the shipper’s supply and transporter interest in the market.

Image Credit: DAT Freight & Analytics – DAT


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